Through Private Wars

by James Hearne

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    releases June 2, 2017

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    digital album releases June 2, 2017
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I'm Afraid Of My Heart
Strange the Way
Moon Over My Shoulder
Eight-State Arms
Guy Fawkes Day
Two Lanes
On Yer Own


releases June 2, 2017

JH: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, handclaps

the annotations are:
rob stein: electric and acoustic guitars, pedal steel
kevin simon: piano, organ, rhodes, handclaps
david andersen: electric and upright bass
eric parker: drums, percussion
eleanor kleiner: vocals, handclaps
elie brangbour: vocals, handclaps
paul grimsland: guitars on “planetstruck” and “moon over my shoulder”
jeremy baum: accordion on “strange the way”
brady totten: drums and percussion on “moon over my shoulder”
tony levin: bass on “planetstruck”

All music and lyrics by JH
© 2016, songs de guerre music (ascap)
produced by rob stein except “moon over my shoulder” produced by JH

recorded at grandma’s house studios, saugerties ny and art farm studios, accord ny
engineered and mixed by david andersen
assisted by zev pogrebin
mastered by david drago
mastered at 1809 studios, macedon ny

photography by james orr, orr media company
design by scott ratinoff

for sarah, my love my light my life

too many thanks are due to the fabulous musicians who gave their time and talents on my behalf; they played and sang their hearts out, and i’m reaping all the benefits (though you get to enjoy them too). special thanks to david and rob for their guidance and patience and proficiency, both instrumentally and aurally.

a brief but passionate plug for conor wenk and American Son Guitars: a couple were generously loaned to the production, and i’ve had my hands on a couple others: fabulous, hand-built instruments, all. if anything is gonna get me away from Martins...

this record would have remained merely a gleam in my eye without the constant and generous support of deven hearne, jackson williams, kelly avery, jayson verdibello, jessica leon, joe & kelly valentine, jason mcmurtrie, chris hague, mike solin, joyce lu, greg & teale fox, alex sando, mike & debbie bonkowski, graham & susan van dixhorn, james & corinne black, judy fagan, eric bonkowski, kathleen shaw, joey anderson, russ & janie mcknight, jay rosenthal, kerry green, ben & karin tinsley, anastasia pridlides, red, aaron kuder, nick & anna tochelli, bill & rachel davidson, calvin & bonnie dupuis, libby hearne, richard sharp, gwen axtell, john clough, paul & laurie eschmann, keith center, lauren kuhne, ben mcknight, jake & amanda weiskoff, laura segal clark, dan scholl, emily marston, jenn semler, doug holton, jenn jutras, katie barbato, matt teacher, michael & heather colletto, chris shrader, liz stachowicz, lisa chosed, mark krawczykowski, yolanda esteves, alan rose, mike oxman, sarah peterson, ann “valued” campbell, jeff selby, jennet, steve, & zoe ingle, mike & randi lawson, dave dehart, doug & amanda thomas, david eschmann, tracy powell, chuck & patty colletto, dave & jacklyn cohen, kate & doug hughes, jay “jack” schacht, matt tarka, kerry doyle, davey & sarah mcknight, donovan & michelle rice, tony & dana schelin, victoria watts, scott & jillian ratinoff, rachel schain, adam greenspan, nathaniel weigert, dana k fiero, mike provenzano, brady sanders, josh & maria larson, alex brown, kim gore, bob tomarelli, dani mari, michael southerton, lesley & charles ramsey, kevin & angela lacey, billy rose, lizzy diem, shawn conklin, baris kaya, jeremy porter, rani vasuveda, stephen la monica, logan callahan, laura cina, jenee halstead, maggie-kate coleman, rick warren, gary dale burns, gillian nash, david & shelley maffucci, tyler stoddard, karen martin, jonathan byron-woodin, peter tenerowicz, gwen binder, lewis distefano, raema rotindo, joshua porfirio, foggy otis & barb, wesley nichols, michael skurnick, leigh van swall, dwight grimm, khalid quesada, ted & shari hearne, steve marchion, everyone i’ve ever been in a van, on on a stage, or in a studio with, and everyone who’s ever bought me a drink or lent me a couch or bit of floor for the night.



all rights reserved


James Hearne New York

Powerhouse vocals over woodsy guitars, literate songs times wry banter, floor-to-ceiling dynamics plus wall-to-wall heart.


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Track Name: Two Lanes (Single Version)
I’ve been lost and I’ve been found
I’ve been singing my songs in bars and I’ve been around
I’ve been away from you as far as I would ever want to go
God willing and the gas holds out tonight I’m coming home

Second star to the right
Two lanes of nothing
Straight on til morning

When you’re leaving in the darkest hour of night
Every city looks the same the closing bars the lights the cars
Made another left on Main St cuz I thought I saw a sign
Left some miles back behind me got you on my mind

Second star to the right
Two lanes of nothing
Straight on til morning

Wish I may wish I might
Wish I’d see your face before the morning light
Some dreams fade some dreams die
Second star to the right
Second star to the right

I’ve been on the road drunk and sleep on floors
I’ve made mistakes and I’ll make more
But love ain’t worth a thing if it don’t live through private wars
And love ain’t worth a thing if no one ever knows the score
And love ain’t worth a thing if it’s never been explored
And love ain’t worth a thing if it’s not driving home at four

Second star to the right
Two lanes of nothing
Straight on til morning